Dylan Thomas, Messiah College

Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas is a senior at Messiah College pursuing a degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Leadership. He is not only a charismatic leader of his peers but he also has demonstrated an ability to create sustainable opportunities for service at Messiah that will far outlast his undergraduate experience. Dylan is a champion of social entrepreneurship and promises to make a significant contribution to the common good. 
-Kim Phipps, President

Learning from seasoned entrepreneurs and wise cultural-thought leaders that invested in my cohorts and me at the Praxis Academy, and through serving as Student Director of the Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research at Messiah College, I’ve been impassioned to create the Impact Venture Challenge. Together with my co-founders, I strive to develop a launch-pad for entrepreneurs that seek to positively impact culture and society through the ventures that they design. Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter, declares that “the most efficient means to spread an idea today is corporate structure”, and I believe the same is true for creating positive cultural and social impact. My work and service is the manifestation of great mentoring, coaching, and encouragement from those that I’ve spent my time with at Messiah College. I went to school wandering the path of the American teenager looking for direction, and I am leaving with a sense of confidence and civic responsibility that I would have otherwise never developed. I am so very thankful for all who have entrusted me with great responsibility through leadership opportunities, and who have greatly empowered me with their belief in my ability to succeed. –Dylan Thomas