Denise Coffey, Tusculum College

Denise Coffey

Denise Coffey is a sophomore at Tusculum College. She is an excellent leader who works to address the issue of domestic violence both within the college and throughout the local community. Since her freshman year, Denise has given almost 500 hours to ASafeHarborHome, Inc., a local agency which serves victims of domestic violence. At Tusculum, she has designed and implemented several programs with the intent to prevent and identify domestic and dating violence on campus. Along with being active in addressing the issue of domestic violence, Denise is in the leadership of the Bonner Leaders program, a member of the Student Art League, the President’s Society, and is a house manager for Student Affairs. 
-President Nancy B. Moody, Tusculum College

Being involved in my community has been important to me as long as I can remember. So, when given the chance to work with ASafeHarborHome Inc. (ASHH) I gladly took the opportunity. Since I became an intern at ASHH I have given over 500 hours of service. Those hours have consisted of me becoming a voice for those affected by domestic violence, being a life coach for homeless with disabilities, fundraising for ASHH, and sharing the mission of ASHH with the Tusculum College community and Northeast TN. These experiences have impacted me in other areas of my life. For example, at Tusculum College I am in leadership in the Bonner Leader Program, and an active member in both the President’s Society and the Student Art League. Additionally, I work in the local community with Wood Cutters ministry and Christ UMC’s under privileged children’s program. I use life-coaching skills learned from working with ASHH to encourage others to develop and hone their innate skills and talents. I know that the skills I learn from not only ASHH, but also all the inspiring organizations I work with will help me grow as a person and leader throughout life. 
-Denise Coffey