Daisy Carranza, California State University – Channel Islands

Daisy CarranzaDaisy Carranza, a senior at California State University Channel Islands (CI) and current Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) student, has used her adversity to propel social justice advocacy. She is a valuable intern for Interface Children and Family Services, working weekends with homeless youth and serving as the non-profit organization’s on-call hotline respondent. She was instrumental in the creation of a student club at CI that focuses on philanthropic work in the community that reaches underrepresented populations — such as foster youth and homeless youth — to instill a futuristic vision of college. Currently, she embarks on the social issue of young Latina mothers within the community who have abandoned the idea of higher education. Daisy believes that informing this underserved population about resources in support of one’s educational journey is the key to combating poverty and the misnomer that impoverished young women caring for children (whether their own or younger siblings) cannot obtain a higher education. Her voice is proof that a life of adversity can propel a commitment to giving back by empowering others to move forward.
-Richard Rush, President

I have always been inspired to help my community. Being raised in a city with high crime rates, school dropouts and poverty, I realized I could make a change. I knew that change could come only by continuing my education and then educating others about continuing their education. Through my college years, I got involved in everything any mentor thought I could do. I started working for EOP which led to a variety of volunteer opportunities. After having my daughter my junior year, I still thought it was important to give back to the community and motivate young moms to earn a degree. My future work is on having more universities establish childcare and other resources for young moms. Through my obstacles and struggles, I am determined to make a positive change.
-Daisy Carranza