Crystal Kindle, Greenfield Community College

Crystal KindleCrystal Kindle, a student at Greenfield Community College (GCC), dedicates her time and passion to being a Student Senator, a volunteer for the Reinventing Justice Restorative Board, a student organizer for the Clothesline Project and an Intern at the Franklin County House of Corrections. 
Crystal’s story is one of inspiration to those who have felt marginalized by life circumstances. After years of being told that she was not college material, Crystal entered Greenfield Community College at the age of thirty-one with two children and her GED. As a parent, she believes in leading by the power of example by bringing her thirteen year old daughter to volunteer alongside her at the Stone Soup Café in Greenfield.
Crystal utilizes each and every resource that Greenfield Community College has to offer to be able to advocate for others. Crystal has the potential to make significant contributions to public problem-solving by reaching out to others who have lived through similar circumstances and provide hope, encouragement and a sense of peace.
-Robert Pura, President

After attending school through sixth grade, I became pregnant at the age of fifteen. At thirty-one I became a first-time college student. I am a leader; a leader for all the women and men that thought obtaining a GED with minimal education could not be done; for the high/middle school drop-outs that did not think a college education was within reach; and for the teenage parents who got caught up in their adult responsibilities and put their education on the back burner.
As a leader for social change, I have found my voice! I believe getting to the core of social change is to see the humanity in all, and to stand up and let myself be seen! 
Becoming involved in my community has taught me the importance of being a voice and an advocate for those around me and the impact it has on creating social change. In order to create change I had to first be the change and I feel as though I have set the platform for others like myself. 
As a volunteer on the Reinventing Justice Restorative Board through the Greenfield court system, myself and other community members focus on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be” –Marianne Williamson 
-Crystal Kindle