Christopher Halberstadt, Indiana University East

Christopher HalberstadtChristopher Halberstadt is a business major who is also the Vice President of Indiana University East’s Student Government Association. He is a dedicated student leader who is focused on addressing key issues in the eastern Indiana region, including economic development and employment. He has conducted independent research, comparing data from Wayne County with comparable counties in Indiana and beyond, bringing economic data to bear on perceptions about our region. Christopher has also built a solid relationship between campus student leaders and the Depot District merchants association in Richmond, helping revitalize a key historic area of Richmond. On campus, he has taken a leadership role in keeping our campus food pantry stocked, helping fellow students so they can be successful. Christopher has impressed our community with his quiet professionalism, both on and off campus. He is a dedicated leader who has demonstrated his ability to mobilize other students and community members, and inspire them to become involved in making our community a better place.
-Kathryn Cruz-Uribe, President

In addition to leading many community service projects during my time at Indiana University East, I was recently recognized for my research of regional economic indicators and how they compared to their peers. My ability to collaborate is evident in the Student Government Association’s “Depot Day.” I have fallen in love with the Richmond Historic Depot District. I was responsible for communicating with business owners and campus partners in the planning and implementation of service projects to benefit small local businesses. I feel so strongly about community service, which made this project one of my biggest milestones and my greatest achievements. Serving currently as Vice President and previously as Treasurer of the Student Government Association, I have contributed to improvements in the campus food pantry challenge as well as a paperless movement for our SGA files, among others. I have invested time in the campus and community because the community has invested resources in me. I am passionate about my community, and I work to make it lovable. The more invested one becomes in their community, the more valuable that relationship becomes. Being active in the community has a lasting effect and in my opinion, increases self-worth tremendously.
-Christopher Halberstadt