Catherine Wiese, St. Norbert College

Catherine WieseMs. Wiese is a junior Political Science major, minoring in Peace and Justice, and Spanish. Ms. Wiese is passionate about social justice issues and plans to pursue a career in international law concentrating on human rights advocacy in the future. As a student, Ms. Wiese has been very involved in social justice issues and is the founder and president of Democracy Matters, a campus organization that promotes equal access to the American political process. She also shares her passion for justic by volunteering regularly at the Green Bay Correctional Institute, where she consistently exhibits respectful and engaged concern for the inmates. Ms. Wiese is also an intern at a local law firm and she will soon begin an internship in the College’s Normal Miller Center for Peace, Justice and Understanding. She is an informed, passionate and active advocate for justice, human rights and civic engagement.  
-Thomas Kunkel, President

I have always been passionate about the law and social justice, so it was no surprise to me that the study of peace, justice and public understanding deeply interested me early in my college career. My experiences in college have led me to realize my calling in life is to work in international law concentrating on human rights advocacy. I believe that it is important to give a voice to those who have faced and continue to face oppression in this and other countries. While in college, I have worked with the non-profit organization Democracy Matters to educate college students about the corruptive influences of money and politics, and show them the importance of their voices in the democratic system. In order to influence and facilitate positive change in the community, it is important to spread awareness and ensure that all people’s voices are heard and respected. This idea shows the importance of democracy and the need for advocates who wish to facilitate social change in the world and in their communities. In my future endeavors, I hope to use the leadership and communication skills I learned to bring true and lasting equality for all.  
-Catherine Wiese