Carlos Bibiloni, Hostos Community College of the City University of New York

Carlos BibiloniCarlos Bibiloni, a second year student at Hostos Community College of the City University of New York is a student ambassador committed to volunteering in his community and making a social impact upon the world that he lives in. For the past year, Carlos has served as an ambassador for the college, the University and as an elected representative of the student body. He is passionate about making inroads with students who are making poor life choices, by serving as a mentor to men and women who come from households where there is only a single parent, there are limited resources for food, transportation and clothing and who live in neighborhoods where drugs and violence are prevalent issues. Carlos is passionate, persuasive, persistent and patient. His drive has moved him to devote much, if not all, of his time to the students at Hostos, his siblings’ families and the communities that he both attends college in and lives in. As a leader, Carlos is a motivator and he is committed to getting others involved by being engaged. He truly believes that in order to lead you must serve others and you must empower those in need to empower themselves.
-David Gomez, Interim President

At a very young age I faced difficult situations in my life and I fought hard not to fall prey to them. Unfortunately, it was a struggle I could not win in my youth, but one I work every day to win at this stage of my life. My past has informed me about what it means to be a leader. To me it means to carry the concerns of your family and your community with you in everything that you do. It means being a solid stand up person inside your home, your school in every part of the world you place yourself. When things were hard for me I always thought it would be better if there was someone to give me advice, to teach me how to do things better, to guide me in how to avoid making mistakes and even though I never really had a person like that in my life, I decided to be that person for anyone that will allow me to be it for them. I believe mentorship is an act of kindness we all deserve, as much as I believe that service is the true testament of a great leader. 
-Carlos Bibiloni