Brittany Mavrich, Westminster College

Brittany MavrichBrittany is actively involved in a variety of leadership organizations including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Lawrence County, Habitat for Humanity, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Her participation in these groups has allowed her to develop leadership skills, demonstrate commitment, good judgment, and responsible citizenry. 
Perhaps Brittany’s most significant contribution has been her role in revitalizing Westminster’s Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. As a freshman, Brittany recognized the need for the program. When she learned that the program was waning due to attrition related to graduation, she picked up the torch, formed a new group of students, and took the lead.
Since that time, Brittany has increased our college’s participation from 2-3 students to more than 50 – quite an impressive feat for a second semester student who shies away from the spotlight. Now as a sophomore, Brittany has fully developed our relationship with our community partner. It is noteworthy that she recruits upperclassmen and is developing new recruits to replace her; thus, ensuring program sustainability.
Brittany has consistently been a leader among her peers. She is trustworthy, reliable, and has shown deep commitment to community-based involvement. She is a leader in civic-engagement issues and is an inspiration to others. 
-Richard Dorman, President

My burning passion for community service started at home. I was brought up in a Christian home where I was taught to love because that is God’s word. My parents and my grandfather, modeled how to live a life of service. Literally, they have given their shirts off their backs because someone needed it. Community service was just a part of growing up. My love for service carried over into what school I picked and that is how I ended up at Westminster College. I am now an active member in Big Brothers Big Sisters, and my little sister has taught me so much about life. I also hold informational meetings about the programs as well as work side by side with Big Brothers Big Sisters to plan upcoming events. I also help with many sports camps because I am also passionate about athletics. I am currently applying to Urban Impact and the Pittsburgh Project as well as AmeriCorps for summer internships. I hope to use the leadership skills I have obtained through countless activities at Westminster to better make a positive impact on others.
-Brittany Mavrich