Anyae Broomer, Millersville University

Anyae BroomerAnyae Broomer, a junior social work major, is a student leader in campus efforts to improve the academic achievement of at-risk K-12 students in an urban school community where over two-thirds of the students live in poverty. During her sophomore year, Anyae provided over 400 hours of direct service to local community partners as a part-time AmeriCorps member. Her service as an academic tutor and mentor inspired her to develop an after-school dance program for children enrolled in a middle school wrap-around program. 
Anyae currently mentors two high school students and participates in three collegiate mentoring programs to encourage academic success and persistence. As the president of a praise dance ministry and the philanthropy chair of a student faith-based organization, Anyae mobilized a group of student leaders from other faith-based student organizations to start an inter-faith council and community service initiative. Additionally, she is co-founder of the University’s step dance team, which performs throughout the year for campus and community events and raises funds for several nonprofit organizations. Anyae shows great potential for effective and long-term civic engagement by being a shining example of an individual who puts her principles into practice and inspires other students to serve.
-John Anderson, President

I am fortunate to have grown up in a positive environment and to have received an excellent education. As a student volunteer and social work major at Millersville University, I have become increasingly more aware of the lives of disadvantaged youth in the Lancaster community and the challenges they encounter in completing their education. I know that education is vital to breaking the barriers of poverty, therefore the focus of my service work and leadership has been devoted to improving the academic achievement of at-risk K-12 students. Through tutoring and mentoring I’ve been able to help students succeed and strive towards their highest potential. My experiences as a mentor, along with my campus leadership roles, have helped me develop the skills I need to lead organizations, network, and build lasting relationships with community partners, faculty, and other students. Being able to use my knowledge and influence to help guide youth down the right path means the world to me. As I go forth with earning my degree and entering the field of social work, I hope to continue on with this service and grow in my leadership.
-Anyae Broomer