Angelic Wood, Ivy Tech Community College East Central

Angelic WoodAngelic Wood has been with TEAMwork for Quality Living since 2008. She completed their “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World” training and became a Circle Leader where she was paired with allies from the community to support her while working toward her self-sufficiency goals. During this time she decided to go back to school where she was an AmeriCorps with duties related to daily operations and volunteer coordination. Angelic has a key role setting up poverty simulations in the community which allow individuals to experience the challenges of poverty first hand. She works in the community with projects such as ELITE (Encouraging Leaders in Their Empowerment), which acts as ambassadors for new circle communities, Women in Work who empower women to find employment solutions and as the Community Team Leader for the Guiding Coalition coordinating weekly meetings for the local Circles community. As a student she has promoted the TEAMwork organization, their events and the Circles model of empowerment to her colleagues that she interacts with daily. She is a proud Muncie Central High School Band Booster assisting with fundraising, summer camp and website design.
-Andrew Bowne, Chancellor

Volunteering in my community started for me before coming to Ivy Tech. I was made aware of educational opportunities that I would not have knowledge of otherwise. The AmeriCorps program allowed me to continue volunteering while I was receiving experience and monetary awards to put towards my education. Many non-traditional students in today’s world are so busy trying to work, take care of their families, and return to school that they are unable to find the time to volunteer in their communities. I have found that making the time to volunteer and giving back to my community has not only benefited my community but has benefited myself and my family as well. Without the support of my allies and the Circles community I would not have had the courage to continue my education. Completing my education has allowed me to instill in my children the importance of their education and volunteering in their communities, thus breaking the cycle of poverty.
-Angelic Wood