Angela Tate, Montgomery County Community College

Angela TateAngela Tate is a Criminal Justice major at Montgomery County Community College with a passion for social justice, who has provided both direct and in-direct service addressing long-term solutions for eradicating domestic violence within the local community. During the course of the 2014-15 academic year, Angela received training at the Women’s Center of Montgomery County to serve as a hotline counselor. This organization’s mission is to “focus on freedom from domestic violence and other forms of abuse.” Through the Women’s Center, for Angela’s role, she is required to complete an intensive training course focusing on the topics of basic information on domestic violence issues, active listening skills, cultural sensitivity, as well as options counseling and empowerment advocacy. Additionally, Angela spent time at the Norristown Courthouse observing Protection from Abuse hearings to prepare for her volunteer position. Angela’s commitment and dedication to raising awareness and supporting an end to domestic violence has assisted in her own development as a future professional in the field of criminal justice, and led her to volunteer with this organization to further support life changes for women within Montgomery county.  
-Dr. Karen Stout, President

As an on-campus leader in clubs, my volunteer position in the Student Leadership Office, and my role as an officer in the Student Government Association, I have found these experiences rewarding with providing me the skills I need to be an engaged member of my community. These skills and experiences have supported me in my volunteer work at the Women’s Center, and provided me with an opportunity to help others in my future field of employment. By assisting others in need, I will continue to build upon this volunteer work to make a larger impact in the field of criminal justice over the course of my career. In addition to my engagement on issues focused with awareness and education for victims of domestic violence, I am balancing my academic course work by being named to the dean’s list and inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor’s Society and raising four children.  
-Angela Tate