Andy Cirioli, Salve Regina University

Andy CirioliAndy Cirioli is a sophomore at Salve Regina University. He is an avid student leader on campus and does not hesitate when it comes time to volunteer and dedicate himself to serving the community. Prior to his collegiate career, Andy volunteered over 400 hours of his time to service and college has not changed this momentum. As a second year student at Salve, Andy has already completed approximately 100 hours of community service. These hours were completed throughout a variety of different service projects. These projects include a scholarship program called Seahawks for Service, where he volunteers at Norman Bird Sanctuary caring for the animals who reside there. He also helped to facilitate the Service Plunge 2.0, which is a weekend long community service retreat which included over 20 students. In the upcoming weeks Andy will be attending a Washington, DC community service trip over his spring break. In every community service opportunity Andy participates in, he brings an amazing energy to the group as he inspires others to work hard and to get involved. 
-Jane Gerety, President

Throughout my entire life I’ve always participated in community service. Beginning at a very young age I began to help my mother who was the CEO of a nonprofit organization named PATH Parent to Parent Family Voices of Connecticut. As I grew older I was able to become more involved with the services I was able to provide. Once I entered my middle school and high school years I immersed myself in service; whether that was at the local animal shelter or, quite frequently, my church. During the summer before college, I was honored to receive a Youth Citizen Citation recognizing me for my contributions to my town, school, and church. In college I continued to volunteer and dedicate myself to the community. I am asked many times why I commit so much time to this work, and the answer is quite simple. I do not commit myself to work; the activities I get involved with become a passion. Seeing the impact that I have made in the community around me is truly an awarding feeling. 
-Andy Cirioli