Amelia Klug, University of Central Florida

Amelia KlugAmelia Klug, a senior in The Burnett Honors College at The University of Central Florida, has been a strong advocate for educational reform in the UCF and Central Florida communities. During her years as an undergraduate at UCF, she has founded the UCF chapter of Students For Education Reform, recruited students to work for Teach For America and has been devoted to service opportunities to improve literacy. She is committed to supporting high-quality teaching jobs and she aspires to have a hands on role in designing a recruitment model that attracts the best and brightest into the field of teaching. 
Amelia is a natural leader whose passion for improving education is unmatched. She exemplifies the true meaning of “lead by example.” Her ability to be a high achieving student and be incredibly active with social causes is remarkable. Amelia will have a tremendous impact in the field of education. There is no question that with her talents, she will bring about a positive change to this world.
-John Hitt, President

Throughout my time at UCF, I have been given opportunities that have transformed me into an educational justice advocate. My passion for education first stemmed from UCF’s LEAD Scholar Program which is designed to provide academic leadership development programs for students committed to academic excellence and making a difference in the world around them. As a LEAD Scholar I learned about the inequalities experienced by low-income children. This led me to serve as the Education and Literacy Director for Volunteer UCF, where I planned over 75 volunteer events for UCF students and earned over 800 service hours during my college career. For two years, I served as UCF’s Campus Campaign Coordinator for Teach For America and I gained an international perspective on education by volunteering in Guatemala, teaching English at the NY Mets Baseball Academy in the Dominican Republic, and completing an Honors In the Major Thesis on global education reform. Based on my research findings, I created recommendations for a highly-selective teacher training model designed to recruit top students into the teaching field. This summer, I look forward to beginning my career in education as a Teach For America Corps member in Nashville, Tennessee. 
-Amelia Klug