Amanda Liebrecht, Ohio Northern University

Amanda LiebrechtAmanda Liebrecht, a second year doctor of pharmacy candidate, at Ohio Northern University, is a civic-minded problem-solver with a specific focus on small communities. This past year, after seeing a need for a preschool in the small Catholic parish of the community in which her University is located, she gathered fellow like-minded classmates, participated in the training and as a result the church now has a preschool, run by she and her colleagues. Her passion and spirit towards seeing this process through has aided the community on a myriad of levels, including the church, the parents and the small children who are now able to learn at an age-appropriate level, while their parents can participate in the mass, undistracted. 
This, combined with her involvement with Habitat for Humanity and her career aspirations of pursuing a doctoral degree in pharmacy have earned Amanda respect as a leader, a problem solver and an individual who is capable of achieving many more civic minded projects that will in turn bring improvements to local communities and beyond. 
-Daniel DiBiasio, President

I have tried to make service an integral part of my life. I believe that I have been blessed in so many ways, especially by being able to attend college and pursue a degree in Pharmacy, so my natural response is to want to give back and try to be a blessing for others. So far, Our Lady of Lourdes parish, Habitat for Humanity, and Residence Life have been organizations through which I strive to give back, but I am always searching for more avenues to serve or roles that I can fill. I hope to begin contributing from a medical standpoint next year when I have my pharmacist intern’s license through community outreach and health education opportunities. Even beyond college, I plan to continue to be civically engaged within my future church, my profession, Habitat, and any other avenues I find along the way.  
-Amanda Liebrecht