Allison Dushack, Robert Morris University

29524728_2015_newman_cf_-_allison_dushackAllison Dushack, a first-year student with a dual major in Management and Marketing attending Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania is a highly engaged student who has dedicated the past five years to addressing bullying among children in local schools. Allison established a nonprofit organization, LIME4Life, for the purposes of helping children recognize and prevent bullying, getting them to understand its damaging effects, and familiarizing families with community resources available to help young victims heal. Through LIME4Life Allison also raises funds to pay for therapy that some children require to fully recover from the trauma of bullying.
-Gregory Dell’Omo, President

I’ve dedicated the past five years to helping improve the lives of kids who have been bullied, along with raising awareness of the effects bullying can have on someone’s life, and trying to prevent future bullying. Being bullied myself, and suffering from severe side effects, I have started my own nonprofit organization, LIME4Life, to help kids cope with their feelings and the after effects of bullying. I took something negative in my own life and am dedicating my life to helping others. My approach includes working with kids at a young age to educate them on social issues facing them today, and providing appropriate support to families. If kids grow up knowing not only what bullying is, but how bullying affects others, we can hopefully prevent serious side effects during the middle and high school years such as mental illness and suicide. I was lucky to have great resources at my disposal, but many children and parents are not privy to the same resources. My potential for making an impact on public problem solving is great because I have personal experiences that drive my passion for helping others.
-Allison Dushack