Adrian Plaisance, McDaniel College

Adrian PlaisanceAdrian Plaisance, a sophomore at McDaniel College majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies, has pursued his civic and environmental interests with single-minded dedication and vision to bring about change, including helping to pledge the institution to the Real Food Challenge. The goal of this national campaign, which is fully student-led, is for the institution to pledge to product shift and purchase from more local, sustainable, humane, and fair trade sources. Adrian continues to use his skills as a visionary able to keep the big-picture goal in mind and his team management skills by serving on a national Real Food Challenge working group and holding the office of Secretary of State to the Maryland Student Legislature. Adrian has already accomplished a number of impressive goals during his college career, and his vision and dedication will enable him to work for a positive change for the world throughout his college and professional career.
-Roger Casey, President

I am interested in climate change and its affect on the international system and how we as a society can live hand-in-hand with nature. As a sophomore double-majoring in Political Science and Environmental Studies at McDaniel College, I hope that my two majors will land me a job in international development working to mitigate some of the problems that climate change will bring. While that is a long-term goal, I have been working with local student-run organizations. One of these organizations is Real Food Challenge (RFC). RFC is the largest national student movement to change the current food system. Real Food Challenge is a pledge that requires university dining services to purchase 20% of their food from local, humane, sustainable, and fair trade sources. Besides Real Food Challenge, I have been heavily involved in Maryland Student Legislature (MSL). Last year I had the honor of being elected to the Council of State and now serve as Secretary of State. MSL brings together students from across the country who are interested in debating issues of state, national, and international importance. My work with both of these organizations has not only progressed my own leadership but has empowered me to continue to fight for a better world. 
-Adrian Plaisance