Addi Shamburg, Northern Oklahoma College

Addie ShamburgAddi Shamburg, a student leader at Northern Oklahoma College, shares her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the immune system, in an effort to educate audiences ranging from elementary students to community leaders. Her servant’s heart and propensity for public speaking have started a revolution of cancer awareness coupled with ADDItude at our college and across northwest Oklahoma. Despite lengthy stints at M.D. Anderson during the school year, Addi has returned to spread the word about cancer. She informs about the disease’s ability to strike at any age and the physical battles she fights on a daily basis. More importantly, Addi advocates that the disease can be battled with a positive ADDItude. Her positive thinking has forever transformed and united our community in the fight against cancer. We have been rallied to action by one young women’s efforts to educate and inspire others who might encounter cancer on life’s path.  
-Cheryl Evans, President

Since being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I have had a passion for sharing my story with the community around me. I have spoken and walked at Enid’s Relay for Life, sharing my story to get people involved with cancer awareness and how it can affect everyone. I continue to bring my story to my college campus. Because of my efforts to bring cancer awareness to NOC, students have realized the importance of the campus blood drives and I have been featured in a recent VYPE magazine article. My local church, Emmanuel Baptist, has also come along beside me in my fight and allowed me to share my story through a self-written poem in a Sunday service. A video of the performance has spread across the internet and has been viewed by thousands. Through this journey I hope to continue to advocate for young adults fighting cancer.  
-Addi Shamburg