Adam Cohen, University of Pennsylvania

Adam CohenAdam Cohen is an academically talented junior at the University of Pennsylvania. His strong academic skills and aptitude for problem solving have helped him make significant contributions to improving the university’s academically based community service program. He has also helped to create a strong infrastructure for the Netter Center’s post-secondary success programming, leading to improved college access and career readiness activities in local high schools. Adam is truly an example of how an undergraduate can make a significant difference in the world.
-President Amy Gutmann, University of Pennsylvania  

While my desires to help others and be involved in my community were undoubtedly the result of my family background, it was my experience working with underserved public school students through Dr. Ira Harkavy’s academically based community service course (ABCS) that has most influenced my future goals. Since that semester, I have spent a summer as a Penn Program for Public Service Intern, two semesters as the TA for Dr. Harkavy’s ABCS course, and three semesters completing independent studies that consisted of working 15-20 hours per week coordinating College Access and Career Readiness programs at two of Penn’s partnerships high schools. The programs have served over 150 juniors and seniors at both schools and have engaged over 100 Penn undergraduate and graduate students. The extensive time I have committed to serving students at Penn’s partnership high schools through both direct service and participatory action research projects reflects not only my approach to addressing complex social issues but also my passion and commitment to continue serving public school students in the City of Philadelphia. It is an honor to receive the Newman Civic Fellows Award and to follow in the footsteps of Frank Newman who used education reform as a primary tool in making the world a better, more equitable place. 
-Adam Cohen, University of Pennsylvania