Acadia Reynolds, McKendree College

Acadia ReynoldsAcadia Reynolds is a sophomore at McKendree University studying Elementary Education. Before attending McKendree, Acadia volunteered as a primary school teacher in Ghana, West Africa. Upon entering McKendree, Acadia was awarded the honor of being a Community Service Scholar. She organizes various service programs, including an after-school arts enrichment program through The Griffin Center of East St. Louis. She is also the president of McKendree’s Young Feminists, where she coordinated “The Vagina Monologues” and the “Take Back the Night March.” As a first-year student, Acadia received “The Spark” award for her positive demeanor and leadership abilities at the Annual Leadership and Service Banquet. Not only is she involved in service and social leadership, but Acadia is seen as an inspiration by her peers through her ability to understand root causes and create positivity in making change.  
-James Dennis, President

My respect and appreciation for the power of education knows no bounds. In all its forms, education as an institution and a movement has become the driving force behind my service and my goals as a college student. Between graduating high school and entering college I spent over seven months volunteering my time as a primary school teacher in Ghana. This eye-opening experience now serves as the foundation of my passion to become an elementary teacher. As current president of McKendree’s Young Feminists student organization, I also exercise my love for campus-wide social education by coordinating programs and events that speak out against violence, both sexual and domestic, such as The Vagina Monologues and Take Back the Night March. Where I have truly found my home in service is through coordination of an after-school arts enrichment program with The Griffin Center of East St. Louis. Creating an experience where young students from overcrowded schools and homes are given focused one-on-one attention and instruction fills me with optimism for future generations. I hope that my efforts have created positive change, and through my service, outreach, and career as a future-teacher I will be able to continue working towards this change.  
-Acadia Reynolds