Kristen Ryan, Rose State College

Kristen RyanKristen Ryan is a student leader that impacts not only Rose State College, but the entire community in which she lives. In addition to serving the college as a President’s Leadership Scholar and executive member of the student senate, Kristen has also devoted her life to assisting individuals with limited resources. Last summer, Kristen decided to move out of her own home and live amongst the community in a depilated apartment complex. Kristen created programming to engage the children who were left alone all day and served as a mentor, making herself available at all times. Through her experience, she realized that distributing canned goods, coats, and shoes may help provide for a temporary need but most importantly, children with scarce resources need to be loved and invested in daily. Kristen Ryan is a woman of great character –honest, hardworking and genuine. She is an exceptional student, speaker, advocate, and difference maker and has never wavered in her dedication, her passion and her ambition for service to others. She is dedicated to making a difference in the world by making her community a stronger place. 
-Jeanie Webb, President

A Newman Civic Fellow should be represented by only the most motivated, service-oriented and well-rounded students this nation has to offer. I am one of those students. Even before the leadership opportunities I have had since entering college, I sought out leadership roles, not for the sake of honoring myself, but for the sake of benefitting and advancing the whole. From being the captain of my high school drum line to being the Worship Leader at my church and serving as the secretary of the National Honor Society, I began recognizing my potential to lead people to success in causes worth pursuing. Upon entering college, I was awarded a Leadership Scholarship which has opened innumerable doors for me to exercise leadership on my campus. Beyond that, however, taking all of the qualities associated with an effective leader about which I have been learning, I have been blessed with opportunities to act as a leader in my community, such as in leading bible studies for underprivileged children living in OKC and leading groups of prospective teachers at literacy promotion events at elementary schools in my area. I consider every opportunity to serve others as another stone in my path. 
-Kristen Ryan