Derick Diaz, Bergen Community College

Derick DiazDerick has been an exemplary student at Bergen Community College since 2011. Derick became a student leader by engaging in social leadership components outside the classroom. For instance, Derick served as co-chair of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Environmental Committee, and he is an active member of the Model U.N. Student Organization. He has become a trainer to conduct Suicide Prevention Seminars at Bergen, he is a member of the biology and math clubs, serves as a SGA Senator, and received a Service Learning Certificate of Recognition, the highest honor given to students who have exceeded their service learning components within the community. It is his passion for humanity that has led him to focus on his career path towards becoming a pediatric surgeon. What makes Derick a very unique student is that he does not take for granted the mentoring and assistance he has been provided which has fueled his desire to serve others by giving back. He does not focus on his needs, but on the needs of others.
-B. Kaye Walter, President

I’ve always loved the idea of unity within a community. The only thing that should run deeper than your love and loyalty for yourself is your love and loyalty for your community. I’ve found joy in simple acts of kindness not because it makes me feel good about myself, but because it’s the right thing to do. I believe in the bigger picture; the greater good. This is why I immerse myself in campus clubs and activities so that I can share my opinions and ideas, but to also hear from others from different cultures and backgrounds. It’s also why my career path in life will lead me to becoming a Pediatric Surgeon. As an upcoming Pediatric Surgeon, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that the most effective medicine to the world is simple, and it is compassion. Without genuine care, there is no solid foundation to build from. It takes a great person and an even greater community to be able to not only lead others, but to be able to actually care enough to get down in the trenches alongside the road to greatness and triumph. We are one. We are all. We are great.
-Derick Diaz