Zach Martin, Hutchinson Community College

zach_martinZach Martin, an honors student with an interest in psycholinguistics at Hutchinson Community College, is a natural born leader. Since his arrival at HCC, he has taken a very active role on campus with the Honors Student Council, the residence halls, and track. With a passion for service, Zach volunteered over 200 hours at the Flint Hills Breadbasket in Manhattan. This desire to help others carried over to his time at HCC with his chairing the student committee working with our Faculty Senate that is examining and proposing solutions to help with the hunger issues on campus. This charismatic and clever Paul Harris Fellow/Former Rotary Youth Exchange Leader is also a star in the classroom with his instructors often praising his contributions and his being a team player in discussions. A walking inspiration, Zach is the epitome of the virtues of a Newman Civic Fellow with his ability to motivate, inspire, and engage others to collaborate and create solutions to the problems facing not only the Hutchinson community but also the world around us.

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