Vincent Henry, Augsburg College

vincent henryVincent Henry has been engaged in civic leadership efforts since he was a first year student. After being involved in the Obama campaign, he started a chapter of Organizing for Action at Augsburg so that students could be trained as grassroots organizers and leaders to affect local issues in our communities. Vincent ran for student government to get an inside look at how it functions. He was elected to be Sophomore Class Senator and later, Junior Class President. Vincent serves on both the Finance Committee and the Chartering & Commissioning Committee, which oversee Student Activity Fee spending and the recognition of student organizations. Vincent takes his roles on these committees very seriously. His leadership style is thoughtful, motivated, and bold. Vincent ass leadership roles in both the Pan-Afrikan Student Union and the Brotherhood of Successful Scholars (BOSS), the latter of which he founded. BOSS is dedicated to mentoring and advocating for African American male students. Vincent saw that his experiences have helped him to grow into a more effective leader, public speaker, and responsible person, and created BOSS to provide similar opportunities for others. He has successfully recruited and retained members for both organizations ensuring sustainability of these efforts.

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