Steven Dominguez, Johnson & Wales University

steven dominguezSteven Dominguez, a junior Culinary Nutrition major at Johnson & Wales University (JWU), is passionate about bringing healthy foods to those who need it most. Through his work with the Nutrition Society at JWU, he has recruited students to help him provide culinary nutrition demonstrations at local farmers’ markets, schools, senior centers and a children’s hospital. He is concerned not only with the nutrition-related risks of food insecurity and obesity, but is also committed to addressing the root causes, including low-income families’ lack of access to healthy, affordable foods. He wants to become involved in food policy and sustainability issues, by teaching people how to grow and cook their own food, as well as developing replicable models of sustainable communities. He has worked with JWU chefs and administrators to begin a hydroponic garden on campus, has helped engage other academic departments in the work and is looking for potential community links as well. Steven’s ability to “think big” while focusing and planning small steps has put him on track to achieve his goal of “leading the country one step closer to ending the hunger/obesity epidemic” and making a more healthy, self-sufficient America.

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