Rashida Jones-Frazier, OSU-Oklahoma City

rashida_jones_pic_02132014Rashida Jones, a second year student at Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City, is a student who exemplifies how to overcome poverty and negative influences. Rather than continuing down a road of crime and bad decisions, Rashida decided she wanted to go to college, get a degree in early childhood development and eventually own a daycare center. While working toward her initial goal, she set her sights on an even higher goal of founding a daycare to serve special needs/sick children by getting a nursing degree. Rashida has blossomed into an exemplary student and human being, with the goal of continuous improvement, encouragement and leading by example. She gives back to both the student body and the community. Whether it’s a campus event, a regional meeting, a mentorship opportunity, the Oklahoma Humane Society, YWCA, Regional Food Bank, a nursing home or church – Rashida is there 100%. Her greatest goal is to be an example to her children. Her accomplishments and history of positive influences serve her infectious desire to give back and overcome barriers.

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