Rabeya Jawaid, Middlebury College

jawaid_rabeya_photoRabeya Jawaid ’16 is deeply committed to bridging gaps between different groups by providing equal opportunities through social entrepreneurship and community engagement. She has been involved in working with women, disadvantaged groups and victims saved from trafficking in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Pakistan, and the United States. She is a fellow at the Middlebury Center for Social Entrepreneurship and through a grant Rabeya received from the Center, she attended the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference in April 2013. There, she made a commitment of action to provide vocational training for deaf, underprivileged women in Karachi, Pakistan and followed through on her project during the summer of 2013. Rabeya moved a standing-room-only audience by signing her introductory remarks. Rabeya has also worked for Burmese refugees in Burlington, Vermont through Community Engagement’s MAlt program (Middlebury alternative break trips) and Friends for Burma initiative, and has continued to research on the conditions and problems faced by refugees around the world. As she prepares for a career in International affairs, Rabeya hopes to continue work, globally, to provide better opportunities to women, disadvantaged groups and victims of trafficking. We are very proud of Rabeya, her remarkable dedication, and the impact she has made.

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