Preeti Yonjon, St. Cloud State University

preeti_yonjon-photoPreeti has been an effective strategist and hard-working leader in a variety of on and off campus organizations and activities that address complex social issues, injustice, and global sustainability. She has worked with the Sierra Club, the Beyond Coal Central Minnesota Coalition, and, as well as she helped form Divest SCSU, in order to bring the divestment movement to the attention of others as a way to shift resources to support renewable energy. She has also been a conference coordinator, volunteer coordinator, and most recently a panel presenter on the process for and best practices involved in organizing and executing the annual SCSU Global Social Responsibility Conference. Preeti has developed a reputation as a leader who is confident, organized, and knowledgeable about the use of both creative and political means for effectively making a difference. Like Frank Newman, she is a servant leader who does not seek recognition for her work, but instead prefers to inspire others to action by working alongside them.

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