Omolayo Ojo, Elon University

omolayo_ojoOmolayo Ojo, an Elon University junior, is one of our brightest and most accomplished students, receiving two of the university’s top academic awards along with national honors. She has also distinguished herself with her commitment to civic engagement on campus and in the broader community, including working as a coordinator of student volunteers with a local nonprofit that serves immigrants. Omolayo has a deep passion for this work because she immigrated to the United States from Nigeria as a child. She has used her experience as an immigrant to draw Elon students to the nonprofit, building a solid volunteer base that continues to be a wonderful asset to the organization. Among her accomplishments are launching a program that enables Elon students to teach citizenship classes to immigrants. Omolayo recalls taking her citizenship exam as a first-year student at Elon and wanted to ensure that other immigrants had a successful experience as well. By engaging her peers in teaching these courses, Omolayo has helped Elon students connect to the larger world by addressing important issues that affect immigrant populations. Her intellectual curiosity, commitment to fairness, and ability to inspire others to serve are nothing short of remarkable.

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