Nichole LaBelle, Colby-Sawyer College

Nichole LaBelleNiki LaBelle has been a trans-formative student leader in community service since her arrival on our campus. As a sophomore she spearheaded our involvement with the American Cancer Society by developing our first annual Relay For Life event on campus. As co-chair Niki led our community to exceed our first year goals and raise over $24,000. In additional the that huge endeavor she also served a vice president for the Community Service Club. This was a remarkable year of rebuilding and she was able to get more students involved in more than 5 years and we were able to work with numerous community groups. As a junior, Niki continued these charges and stepped up to the plate even further to be a role model for our Emerging Leaders Program for new students. She Continues to reach out to new community partners and strives to get more students involved on campus. We’re thrilled to have her as a leader for another year here at Colby-Sawyer and look forward to seeing how many more lives she can touch both on and off campus.

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