Nathan G. Brodie, Mesa Community College

nathan_b_photoNathan Brodie, a second year student at Mesa Community College is a student leader on and off campus. Off campus he has been a Big Brother for over three years and continues to do so. He recognizes that a strong male role model was crucial in his life, and saw Big Brothers Big Sisters as a way to be exactly that for a maturing adolescent. On campus Nathan has been an exemplary model of a student leader. He was president of the Social Justice Club, an active member in MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan), and was the Director of Diversity Events for the Events Programming Council, a student run organization. In his last semester at Mesa Community College, Nathan was the executive director of the Events Programming Council, which engages students and encourages them to get involved with the events all EPC directors schedule such as: Anti-bullying, Black History Month, and Drug Dependency lectures. By hosting weekly open mics and special in-class projects challenging messages portrayed in everyday media, Nathan demonstrated his belief that we, as human beings, must be conscious of our actions, words, spending habits and more in order to collectively bring about positive change.

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