Michelle Zorn, Butler Community College

michelle_zorn_1Michelle Zorn is a Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts Major who enriches the lives of others with her creative leadership. From creating learning aids for her fellow students, to dessert demos for civic partners, to Exploration Place’s Death by Chocolate fundraiser, Michelle uses her talents and skills for the betterment of others. She has been working with Numana, Inc. to revise the flavor profile for their nutritionally complete domestic meal product. She has prepared a series of recipes using the product that will be distributed with the meals and shown as video demos online. With the Kids Need To Eat program, she is developing classes that will teach youth basic cooking skills and also instill the value of healthy eating. For Michelle understands that to address hunger’s root causes we must equip the next generation to prepare-and enjoy-nutritious food. Michelle is a servant leader who will make a difference wherever she goes. Although it is obvious to those who know her, Michelle does not see this as anything special. She says, “Other people’s needs bring me to my knees, and helping other people brings out the best in me. It lights me up inside.”

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