Michael Stack, University of Colorado Denver

michael_stack_jpegMichael Stack is a second year graduate student pursuing a Masters in Information Systems at the University of Colorado Denver. He is President of the Student Veteran Organization after having served in the Navy for nine and a half years. As President of the largest student organization on campus and the largest student Veteran organization in Colorado, Michael has set an example for involvement both on campus and in the community. He has forged relationships with other campus clubs including the Muslim, LGBT and Women organizations on campus including joint presentations on changing perceptions of these unique groups. As part of our student Veteran leadership, he has been an important spokesperson and representative to events resulting in increased support for our student Veteran efforts on campus. He was instrumental in bringing the United Veterans Committee of Colorado to campus in order to engage younger Veterans in on key legislative priorities student Veterans at the State level. In January, he led his fellow organization officers in presenting and winning the Student Veterans of American national business plan competition. In light of these achievements, he was named to the National Student Council of Student Veterans of America.

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