Michael P. Connor, Franklin Pierce University

Michael ConnorSince the fall of 2010, Michael Connor has been an active volunteer at the Jaffrey Head Start program. His consistency within the program has developed a strong and deep trust with both the students and the teachers at Head Start. Throughout his time at Head Start, Michael has become a role model to all the children, especially the male students. The teachers at Head Start continue to sing his praises as Michael exemplifies the compassion, consistency, sense of humor, and mentoring needed in the lives of the children. His popularity amongst the children continues to grow as they seek his attention in what has become known as “Time with Mikey.” Whether it was sitting with the children during story time, leading education programs, or just helping a student put on their winter gear for recess, Michael was always there to lend a helping hand. Fulfilling the role of a great role model is not easy, but Michael handles it with grace. As he prepares to graduate and leave the Jaffrey Head Start program, Michael can safely know that he not only leaves a lasting impact on the lives of the children but the Head Start teachers and administrator.

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