Maurice Washington, Western Michigan University

maurice_washington_wmuMaurice has proven that it is possible to overcome barriers, and has worked tirelessly to lead younger generations to a path of success through service and mentoring. Maurice has been an asset to the Western Michigan University community. He has volunteered with the Bronco B.U.D.S. program by sharing his story to 6th grade middle school students who question their ability to complete post-secondary education. In spite of the fact that Maurice lived in public housing with a single parent and with no hope of attending college, he inspires students who are walking the same path that he has successfully navigated and by example, he assures them that there is no obstacle they cannot overcome. Over the past four years, Maurice’s ethical conduct, his endless energy, his passionate, thoughtful and diligent approach has impressed and inspired others. In addition to the contributions he has already made, Maurice, who is a student in the honors college, continues to pursue professional opportunities as well as volunteer his time in the Kalamazoo community.

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