Maria Rodriguez, Pitzer College

Maria Rodriguez is a second year student at Pitzer College. She is an active student leader in issues of immigration. For the past three years she has worked closely with the Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Coalition, a local grass roots organization that organizes around the complex intersections that are crucial to the undocumented identity. Maria has engaged in local and statewide campaign work and she has been a state player in turning the tide in California and making it a more immigrant friendly state. Maria embodies the Pitzer motto, Provida Futuri, mindful of the future and she exemplifies the core Pitzer educational objectives of Breadth of Knowledge; Understanding in Depth; Critical Thinking, Formal Analysis, and Effective Expression; Interdisciplinary Perspective; Intercultural Understanding; and Concern with Social Responsibility and the Ethical Implications of Knowledge and Action. Maria will undoubtedly go on to impact social justice in meaningful ways in our global and local communities.

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