Lynda Smith, Western Technical College

Lynda SmithLynda Smith has a creative determination. She is aware of the needs associated with poverty in our community. Indeed, in the City of La Crosse, one in four adults are living below the poverty level. But she recognized that the students at Western Technical College also faced financial need. Sixty Percent of the Students at Western were economically disadvantaged. Lynda took steps to make a difference. As a class project, she initiated a student survey regarding food insecurities. The student response and the demonstrated need was moving. She did not stop there. She took this as a challenge to create a food pantry on campus. To be certain, this did not just happen…it took incredible determination on her part. She garnered employee support, received an endorsement from the Western Government Council (including Student activity funds), obtained support from a local food pantry, acquired access to space (which given limited available space, is no simple task at the college) and obtained a donated domestic refrigerator/freezer. Because of her compassionate persistence, the Western Cavalier Cupboard will be fully operational in the Spring 2014 semester. She is an outstanding candidate who will serve well as a representative of Western Technical College and the Campus Compact.

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