Kristin Wyninegar, University of Missouri – St. Louis

UMSL 2014: Newman Civic Fellows  FEB 18Kristin Wyninegar is an outstanding student who strives to better herself and the community around her. She emerges herself in leadership on campus and helps other students gain experience by connecting them to campus engagement opportunities. After graduating from the Emerging Leaders program, which provides new students with the chance to develop leadership skills and seek mentorship from an upper-class student leader, Kristin immediately applied to serve as a mentor for the following year’s class of students. Kristin is always seeking new ways to give back to the campus community and share her passion for leadership and service with others. As the Chair of UMSL Students of Service, Kristin has worked tirelessly to engage volunteers in large service events and ongoing service projects throughout the St. Louis community. She serves an integral role in the success of UMSL Student of Service as she facilitates the recruitment, mentorship, and preparation of new board members. Kristin makes a special effort to connect with community-based organizations and build a positive rapport for future collaborations. She is dedicated to fostering relationships and making sure she is aware of the services and imprint the organizations make on the UMSL campus and the St. Louis region.

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