Kristi Carey, Colgate University

kristi careyKristi Carey has dedicated herself to fighting for equity in a world of disparity through direct service. Kristi focuses on understanding the structures leading to social injustice and works to create social change. Last fall, she studied Social and Political Transformation in South Africa. She will apply that experience this summer at Facing History and Ourselves, working to shape a humane, well-educated citizenry practicing civility and preserving human rights. Kristi applies these experiences in the local community in a number of ways. As a leader of Colgate Hunger Outreach and a high school tutor she has seen the economic struggles families face and the resilience that is required to make ends meet. Kristi firmly believes the fight for social justice requires a lifetime consciousness and must involve addressing systemic problems of inequality. She commits herself to activities to further this fight, such as service trips to the Dominican Republic and Oklahoma City. She feels strongly that service is the very first step to the process of social change. Her leadership of the Anti-Racism Coalition and work with the Network, addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence, are firmly rooted in a fight to impact problems bound by social injustice.

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