Kendra Makos, Plymouth State University

Kendra MakosKendra’s PSU career started in 2011 at Community Service Orientation. Along with a group of other incoming first-year students, Kendra spent the last few days of summer volunteering at the Pemi Youth Center, Habitat for Humanity and Blue Ocean Society. Her experience volunteering at the Pemi Youth Center eventually led to a Federal Work-Study position there. Kendra works as the Administrative Assistant and helps keep the student staff organized. Kendra’s enthusiasm for service and volunteerism went global in 2012 as she took on a leadership role with the International Service Trip (IST). IST partnered with Amizade, a US non-profit with service sites worldwide. After a year of planning and a successful trip to Jamaica in January 2013, Kendra has recruited a new group of interested students who will return to the same site in Jamaica in January 2015. The relationships forged with the families in Jamaica in 2013 remain strong and the students are looking forward to a renewed connection. In the time since Kendra’s leadership role with IST, she remains engaged on-campus and continues developing leadership skills, building relationships and finding new ways to engage others. Kendra is currently serving as the student lead on the Service-Learning Initiative Committee. Kendra shows great commitment to service and volunteerism and is representative of Plymouth’s dedication to the greater community.

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