Kelsey West, University of Oregon

kelsey_westKelsey West is a junior at the Robert D. Clark Honors College at University of Oregon. She is studying Sociology, with a minor in Planning, Public Policy, and Management. She is passionate about education equity, youth empowerment, and service-learning. Kelsey works at the Service-Learning Program at the College of Education where she is involved in various projects, including convening a series of roundtables that brings together faculty members, administrators, and students to identify and promote opportunities for meaningful service and civic engagement across campus. Kelsey works tirelessly to promote service, cultural competence, and capacity building to diverse constituents on campus, from higher level administration to incoming first-year students. She served for two years on the Youth Advisory Council for the National Youth Leadership Council, a national service-learning organization. She also served a two-year term as a board member on State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board which annually awards $5M in grants to youth-led service-learning projects across the US and Canada. Kelsey plans to pursue a career in education reform and will continue to advocate for the importance of service-learning for young people throughout their school careers and beyond.

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