Kathleen Matson, Mount Wachusett Community College

kathy_matsonKathy is an excellent illustration of what it means to be an engaged student and citizen, and exemplifies hard work and determination. Kathy is the Student Government Association President, a second time MWCC student (having first earned a Criminal Justice associates degree in 1985) and serves as the student representative on the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. In this capacity, she is able to advocate on behalf of students across the Commonwealth for public policy changes that will impact the ability of students to succeed in higher education. Two policy issues have been championed by Kathy: the re-structure of the math sequence and the integration of civic education at all 29 public colleges and universities across Massachusetts. Kathy, who holds officer positions in multiple clubs and organizations, is also a founding member of the Students Serving Our Students Office. She regularly surpasses all of our expectations and provides valuable insights and criticisms that challenge us all to think critically. She provides alternative perspectives and a strong clear voice as an advocate for herself and others. Kathy is not afraid to be the dissenting voice in a discussion and is always willing to engage in dialogue and debate about important social issues and public policy matters facing community college students.

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