Justin Sweatman, Tennessee Technological University

sweatman_photoJustin Sweatman is a student in the Sociology Department at Tennessee Tech University and a notable leader in the safe schools movement in Tennessee. In 2012, Justin coordinated the first statewide conference on bullying prevention-Bully-Free Tennessee, drawing students, parents, educators, professionals, and concerned citizens to TTU’s campus to learn about the systemic workings of the bullying epidemic and how to deconstruct it. Though he continues to chair the conference each year, Justin has spread his skills as a community organizer and passion for safe schools and equality to many organizations both on campus and in the community and state, serving in a leadership capacity for over 18 different clubs, committees, councils, and non-profits. Through a comprehensive approach focusing on public policy, school-based practice, skill-building for educators and service professions, and direct engagement of student leaders, Justin shows exceptional determination to affect the lives of individuals across Tennessee.

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