Julia Grant, Le Moyne College

julia grantLe Moyne College senior, Julia Grant, has distinguished herself as an outstanding student leader who has maintained a consistent focus on using her education as a tool for helping others throughout her college career. As a first-year student, she became an active member of the Le Moyne Sandwich Makers, a service and social justice organization which focuses on addressing hunger and homelessness in our community. The Sandwich Makers partner with Sodexo, Le Moyne’s food service provider and our Campus Ministry to enable students to provide 300 sandwiches a week to a local soup kitchen where the students also serve breakfast twice a week. As Co-President of the organization, Julia has expanded her focus beyond direct service to strengthening the organizational sustainability of the program and enhancing the leadership skills of those who will continue these efforts well beyond her personal involvement. As a sociology major, she has learned to view the problem of hunger from a systemic level and is working not only to address the immediate needs of those she serves, but to help lead others in seeking out solutions.

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