Jeffery Green, Our Lady of the Lake College

Jeffery Green is a dedicated student leader active in issues involving civic engagement on all fronts. Since early 2012, Jeff has increasingly made his presence known to many non-profits in the Baton Rouge Area because of his desire to help those most in need. As the father of five children, Jeff is a strong advocate for children’s health rights since his very own daughter was faced with so many dire heart-health needs during her early life. He continually and methodically helps to raise funds for children’s health care priorities as well as for research for the kids at St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis. He has been a leader and a student organizer for Habitat for Humanity Builds in North Baton Rouge for several different home builds. Jeff has been very active with the Student Ambassador group at OLOL College. He has helped with “adopting” 8 small children with the Respire Haiti School this past academic year and he is working with the Student Government Association to plan a weekend mission trip to the school in Haiti for “construction” purposes during the next academic year. Jeff has helped with countless community health service projects through the Student Nurse Association Student Organization on Campus. He was recently named a recipient of the Louisiana Breakthrough to Nursing Scholarship. He is a leader for health rights and has actively excelled in his purpose to serve others while consistently keeping a 4.0 GPA the entire time. He tirelessly gives of his time to others through various community-wide efforts through his church, too.

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