Jeannette Schollaert, Chatham University

jenanette SchollaertJeannette Schollaert, a third year student at Chatham University, is an active student leader heavily invested in women’s rights and gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. For the past two years she has worked closely with the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics, a non-partisan center devoted to fostering women’s public leadership through education, empowerment, and action, at Chatham University to advocate for equal opportunities among genders. She is a valued contributor to public policy efforts in Pennsylvania by co-developing a well-organized action plan designed to influence elected officials, partner with relevant organizations in the state, and inspire and educate girls at local schools about STEM education opportunities. Jenny is an outgoing, articulate and enthusiastic leader who is capable of capturing a wide-audience and inspiring others into action. Her infectious personality and zest for equality among all is inspirational and will take her far in her future endeavors.

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