Charles Patrick Callahan, MCPHS University

“As a future healthcare provider and clinical pharmacist I was grateful for the opportunity that MCPHS University provided me to work at the Greater Manchester AIDS Project an AIDS Service Organization in Manchester, NH.

This experience made me want to help more at the organization, so I applied at my university for a fellowship grant, allowing me access to funds and the faculty supervision to run a pilot program assessing pharmacy services (Medication Therapy Management) in this unique setting for this medically complex population. The work is in progress, but I have already seen a variety of interesting topics and our goal is to identify potential strategies to address common or recurrent problems that are unique to this population.

My work at GMAP to date has been profound. I have seen first-hand how one person’s efforts can impact the health and well-being of another. I have seen how a student’s motivation, coupled with the resources of a major university can reach into the community and have lasting impact. The stories of the clients I have met at GMAP will stay with me forever and have profoundly impacted the type of healthcare provider I will become in the future.”

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