Charles McQuigg, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

charlie_mcquiggCharles McQuigg is a sophomore at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. Charlie’s leadership abilities exemplify Dr. Newman’s belief in the power of the individual to make a difference in the world. Charlie stands up for what he believes in and his sincerity in his beliefs naturally draw people to his causes. Through Charlie’s leadership in the Sierra Coalition a campus-recycling program was brought back to life. Charlie developed a proposal for recycling at NEO that was taken before the administration and within one semester recycling was alive and well on-campus. Through his efforts Charlie not only helped improve the look of the campus but also has helped our small community begin to do our part in the larger global issue of recycling. Charlie was also instrumental in revitalizing the campus news station. Charlie helped lead the efforts to create a student led weekly YouTube broadcast to bring pertinent issues to students attention. Charlie is a natural leader and his abilities have helped him be successful in putting pertinent issues in front of the individuals who can make changes.

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