Ashlie Koehn, University of Kansas

ashlie_koehnAshlie Koehn, a junior at the University of Kansas, believes in a multifaceted approach to social issues. She founded and leads the KU Coalition against Slavery and Trafficking, an organization that takes a three-pronged approach that emphasizes research, outreach, and advocacy. This unique approach allows the KU Coalition against Slavery and Trafficking to focus on three major issues: the lack of data, awareness, and strong political action. Ashlie’s careful consideration and development of this organization is impressive and a valuable contribution to the KU community. Ashlie’s gracious sense of service and keen ability to connect loose ends make her a natural leader. She recognizes deep social issues that need addressing, and she participates in making solutions evident and possible. Ashlie is creating sustainable change at the University of Kansas and her future potential is unlimited.

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