Aaron Lipford, Ithaca College

aaron_lipford_photoAaron Lipford is an astounding leader at Ithaca College. The work he does for the college community as well as the local community surpasses any other student of his age. Aaron is a highly motivated Martin Luther Jr. King scholar, whose passion for social justice has inspired him to volunteer with Books Thru Bars, a community-based organization that sends books to prisoners across the United States. Aaron is now a member of the organization’s Board of Directors, helping them make decisions on how to increase the visibility of the program in the community, as well as how to serve a larger population of prisoners in the United States. It is apparent that Aaron’s involvement has impacted students and community members alike. Not only has he encouraged others to volunteer, but he has taught others that the Prison-Industrial Complex in the United States is a civil rights crisis. Aaron also works in the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs, is the historian for the African Latino Society, is the Co-President of Created Equal (an LGBTQA organization), and is an executive board member of Bureau for Concerts. Aaron makes a difference in all he does and continuously pushes social justice issues.

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