Zachary Killian, Green Mountain College

Zachary Killian, a student at Green Mountain College, is a Junior majoring in Elementary Education, and is known in his local community for his dedication to all aspects of community service and sustainability. Zachary first became interested in community service while he was a student at Lyman Hall High School in Wallingford, Connecticut. He was enrolled in the Vocational Agriculture Program at his high school and completed over 500 supervised agricultural experience hours before his graduation. Zachary also served his local community through his volunteer work with the YMCA. In the 2012-2013 academic year, he is actively working on communicating the DREAM program to local communities, serving as the GMC Student Government’s Director of Civic Engagement, works as an assistant to the GMC faculty coordinator for service learning, and is involved with Poultney 2020, a collaboration between the town of Poultney and GMC that seeks to achieve mutually beneficial community-oriented goals by the year 2020.

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